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What are Opportunities

Opportunities are potential revenue activities with clients (accounts) that involve the sale of IBM systems, components, consulting services, software, or financing. An opportunity is a proposal of products or services according to client’s needs and it supports the IBM Opportunity Management process. The opportunity management process involves identifying potential areas within existing or newly contacted clients where IBM products and services can fulfill a need or solve a manifested issue related to the client.


Opportunities are identified, validated, progressed through a number of phases or stages until the potential business connection between the Business Partner and the client is either won (a contract is signed) or closed (through competitive offering, client deciding not to pursue, or Business Partner deciding to not pursue). An opportunity specifies the total and component amounts of a sales deal.


Opportunities are progressed through seven “open” sales stages (SS) and then to one of our four “closing” sales stages. The open sales stages can be viewed as a series of gates through which a seller takes an opportunity. Each gate represents the achievement of a specific sales "best practice" result.

Opportunity Sales Stages


As an opportunity is progressed, the solution components and mix of products and services grows increasingly more detailed. Opportunities are managed and solutions determined through a team of IBM and Business Partner professionals who are experts in IBM products or services, relationship management professionals, and industry solution experts

How do Opportunities relate to other SalesConnect for IBM Business Partner objects?


Opportunities in sc4bp



Things to remember about opportunities in SalesConnect for IBM Business Partners

Who can create an opportunity?

Who can edit or update an opportunity?

Setting Opportunity Defaults

You can set opportunity defaults so that when you create your opportunities certain field values are already pre-populated for you. To create opportunity defaults:

  1. Click the Opportunity tab drop-arrow, then select the Set Defaults option.
    The Set Opportunity Defaults screen is displayed.

  2. Click the field for which you want to establish a default when opportunities are created.
    Opportunity default field values
    The fields for which you can set defaults for an opportunity, include:

  1. Click Save to save the values as your opportunity defaults that are populated when creating a new opportunity.

Note: You can always change the default value in the opportunity before saving.

Best Practices

When you create an opportunity in SalesConnect for IBM Business Partners use the following best practices:

    1. Locate your client using either Search (Basic or Advanced Search) or View Clients -> My favorites.
      The list of Clients matching your search criteria is displayed.

    2. Click the Client name field to open the client in the Site overview screen.

    3. Scroll to the Contacts subpanel and expand the subpanel to display the existing BPContacts associated with the client.

    4. Locate the correct BPContact and click the contact's name to open the BPContact in the Contact Overview screen.

    5. Scroll to the Opportunities subpanel on the Contact Overview screen and expand the subpanel to display any existing opportunities associated with the BPContact.

    6. Click the + plus sign icon to create an opportunity that is automatically associated with the Client and BPContact that you have navigated through to create the opportunity.

Note: You can also streamline the opportunity creation process by starting directly from the verified, correct BPContact with a client and continuing with steps 5 above.


As you progress with an opportunity, you need to record additional line item data based on the IBM products involved. Each opportunity record in the Opportunity Overview screen includes expandable sub-panels that display beneath the basic opportunity details. The subpanels or "drawers" that expand and provide access to SalesConnect for IBM Business Partner objects associated with the opportunity.

Opportunity Overview


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